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Oil and Gas Industry, All Gages - thread gages, api gauges, api gages, guages, plug gage, pin gage, precision gages, fixed limit gages and Specialty Tools including Fabrication Equipment, Abrasives / Cutting Tools, CNC Wire Bending, Tube Bending Machines, Plungers and Coatings serving Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas

Reeves and Associates Industrial Equipment & Supply Co.
Specializing in the Oil & Gas Industry

INTRODUCING SPS Spindle Parts and Service. On-site repair / high speed

spindle repair service / machine tool spindle repair

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Reeves and Associates is a family owned business established in 1980, calling on territories primarily in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. We specialize in thread gauges, measuring tools, precision tube and wire bending equipment, spindle repair, slides and fabrication equipment. Our thread gauges include API, Acme, Buttress, NPT, Cylindrical, Taperlock and any custom design and build you may need. We also offer Gage Calibration services and repair/rework to existing gauges at a discounted price. In addition to the many lines we represent, we also offer complete Machine Tool repair and service. Additional service includes manufacturing of frac pumps and reconditioning of worn plungers. With over 40 years of experience serving customers in the Oil & Gas Industry, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Military as well as other industries, we take great pride in representing our manufactures. We strive to provide our customers with excellent service, high quality products, and technical expertise where needed. Onsite customer technical assistance is available upon request.

Specific Categories of Interest include;
Gages | Cutting Tools and Abrasives | Machine Tools | Fabrication Equipment | Coatings | Work Holding | Specialty Products | Wire Fabrication

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